Repair Original Polydome

The original 902-3075, 902-5793 is repairable. Prerequisite is a 100% intact voice coil. If you send us your old polydomes, we can determine if they still can be repaired.

We mount a new transparent 3″ diaphragm on your original Infinity Polydome using the original voice coil. Unlike the old dome, this replacement is UV proof and will no longer dry out, get yellow, or break apart.

The original driver from Infinity has optimal sound characteristics. The preservation of these drivers is the optimal way to achieve and maintain the highest possible sound quality of your Infinity Kappa system. The frequency curve of the original dome is slightly bended in its middle spectrum, which means it is non-linear. The result of this can be characterized in experiencing smooth and therefore no sharp voices or instruments. You have maybe experienced in the past that your Kappa speakers may play rather load, but it is still possible to be into a conversation with somebody meanwhile not having to turn the volume down.


The original polydome can be reattached and soldered to the existing cable lugs of your Infinity Kappa after repair. We ship the repaired diaphragms into made to measure boxes in order to provide a safe shipping procedure to your home address.

*Unit price EUR 160 incl. 19% VAT (Shipped from Germany).

*new diaphragm on an existing original Polydome with intact voice coil.